terça-feira, abril 14, 2009

Video: iPhone contra Windows Mobile 6.5

via pocketnow.com de Brandon Miniman em 14/04/09

In this video, we take an interesting look at the iPhone experience compared to that of Windows Mobile 6.5 (through an early ROM from XDA).

We compare both operating systems across four areas: the unlock screen, the main screen, the icon layout, and flick scrolling capability. In future videos, we'll take a look at how certain applications differ between the two platforms, but since Windows Mobile 6.5 is mostly a visual upgrade (with the exception of Marketplace, widgets, and IE 6 mobile), there won't be too much to compare.

Overall, it's a tie. The improvements to the unlock screen and main screen makes Windows Mobile a bit more robust in these places, but the iPhone still does better with icon management and flick scrolling.

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